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Still Phishing

Haven't seen one of these in quite a while. Normally I wouldn't pay any attention to it but I just bought a new car and financed it through Wachovia. Of course I was suspicious of this email and know better than to fall for something like this but you can never be too careful. I thought it might be interesting to point out some things that tipped me off. Here is the original email:

Of course it sounds very "official" and even cites "Federal Law." Although it is better written than many phishing emails that I've seen, the link itself (obviously "fake") as well as a typo "you account profile" make this email very suspicious. Notice that they ask for your PIN as well as one or more card numbers! To my knowledge, no bank or business will ever ask for this information. When in doubt, you can always contact your bank directly. Just for fun, I decided to click on the link anyway to see where it went... Of course! To a page where yo…

Live at CES 2010

CES 2010 runs through this weekend in Las Vegas. If you couldn't go, the next best thing to being there is Cnet's "Live @ CES" web site!

Also visit the official "CESWeb" site for more information on vendors, products, events, celebrities, and awards.

Top "IT" Management Trends for 2010

January 5, 2010 (Baseline) - 10 business and technology trends that will help define the IT landscape in 2010. No surprise that "Green Technology," "Cloud Computing," and major investments in infrastructure lead the list.