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5G Will Make PCs And Smartphones Obsolete

While 5G will reach critical mass in developed countries by mid-to-late 2019, it will not be until 2020 or beyond when it is so common you can depend on it being everyplace you need it to be. This last step is a critical one: we will have to reconsider where apps run and begin to rethink what apps do. 5G will change what we consider a mobile platform to be because the OS will move as well.

It is interesting to note that when Steve Jobs first conceived of the iPhone, he thought all the apps would exist in the Cloud and not run locally. With 5G we get to see a moment where it looks like Apple was first with the concept, but others will get it right first. This is because Apple is expected to be a year late with 5G and the Cloud currently is dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

As Jobs envisioned, if you can push everything into the Cloud, you get a number of potential advantages: such as nearly unlimited processing power, offline upgrades and patches that are completely managed b…