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Technology in 2039

Rob Marvin , writing in the current issue of PCMag, travels ahead 20 years to 2039 to imagine what technology—and our society—will be like then. For the article, he interviewed a select group of futurists, execs, academics, researchers, and writers who shared their predictions. They discuss the many ways that technology will affect our lives and change our culture. Each of the experts contributes a unique perspective on the most important factors that will influence our tech-driven future, including artificial intelligence, automation, biotechnology, nanotechnology, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, smart cities, and more. They also speculate on how broader issues such as climate change and online privacy and security will affect us. It's an educated guess at predicting what our world and technology's role in it will look like—whether our lives will be dystopian, utopian, or somewhere in between. Awesome. I thought it was a great way to begin the New Year. You