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US Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into Google

Stephanie Mlot, reports on that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading 50 states in a bipartisan investigation of Google’s business practices. They intend to investigate Google’s overarching control of online advertising markets and search traffic, which may have led to anticompetitive behavior.

“Now, more than ever, information is power, and the most important source of information in Americans’ day-to-day lives is the Internet,” Paxton said. “When most Americans think of the Internet, they no doubt think of Google.”

For most of us, myself included, Google is my primary web browser and search engine. Every one of us at times has “Googled” something. It’s so common that the term has entered our language as a verb.

But as Mlot has pointed out, there are also potential dangers from monopolistic domination.

According to eMarketer, Google is expected to collect more than $48 billion in U.S. digital ad revenue this year, capturing 75 percent of all spending on search ads in…