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Does Texting Mean U R Dumb?

Despite what some would have you believe that this is just another sign of the coming apocalypse, the answer is no. My high-school English teacher constantly reminded us that you should know your audience and use appropriate language. When in doubt use correct grammar and spelling. But there's nothing wrong with using abbreviations like "u" when texting. When you post something to Twitter for example you almost have to abbreviate given the 140 character limit. Most people understand this. But if you are applying for a job or writing a research paper for Psychology you should use proper language. Always!

No matter how young or old you are, "texting" is becoming more acceptable in daily life. But you still need to know your audience. Perhaps the best article I've read yet on this subject is this one. For those of you who still are trying to figure all of it out go here. TTYL