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NVIDIA Introduces EGX Edge Supercomputer

A couple of weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress event in Los Angeles, NVIDIA unveiled its EGX Edge Supercomputing platform. The product is designed for all edge applications including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence and internet of things. This was the first time NVIDIA has been part of a Mobile World Congress.

EGX is a reference design that other server manufacturers can use to roll out a validated design for edge computing solutions using NVIDIA GPUs. Cisco, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HPE and others have been confirmed as partners. Powered by NVIDIA’s CUDA Tensor Core GPU, it offers cryptographic acceleration, networking for Mellanox, NVMe over TCP and RDMA for storage, an industrial-strength cloud native stack, and hardened AI software.

Computing is moving to where the data resides, and this will take power. 5G is one of the key enablers of edge computing. 5G brings multi-gigabit speeds to wireless and enables more data to be processed in more places. One view is that all da…