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Python for Business Majors?

Python has become the programming language of choice for many businesses. Colleges and Universities are rapidly designing courses to teach Python to meet the growing demand. Marian University will be offering a class in Python, CST 280, this Fall. This course is designed primarily for Management and Business Analytics majors. Previously, our Business students took courses in C++ and JavaScript. Our Computer Science and Engineering programs will continue to require C++ and offer Python as an elective.

Christine Spang of SD Times has written an excellent article on What to Expect for Python. Below are some excerpts from her column:

“Python has grown significantly in popularity since its initial release in 1991. The open source language now consistently ranks among the world’s most popular programming languages, having overcome those who claimed it was too slow or couldn’t scale. In fact, these days, leaders such as PayPal, Instagram and Yelp use Python as part of their core software st…