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What is a VPN and Why is it a Good Idea?

A virtual private network, or VPN, can help secure your web browsing and protect your anonymity online from anyone who wants to steal or monetize your data. A VPN creates a virtual encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server operated by a VPN service. All external internet traffic is routed through this tunnel, so your data is secure from prying eyes. Best of all, your computer appears to have the IP address of the VPN server, masking your identity.

To understand the value of a VPN, it helps to think of some specific scenarios in which a VPN might be used. Consider a public Wi-Fi network, perhaps at a coffee shop or airport. Like many of us, you might connect to it without a second thought. But do you know who might be watching the traffic on that network? Can you even be sure the Wi-Fi network itself is legitimate, or could it be controlled by a hacker who's after your personal data? Think about passwords, bank account data, credit card numbers, and private information that…

Transformational Trends in IT for 2018

According to CIO magazine, the relentless pace of technological change is impacting consumer expectations at a faster rate than ever, making any prediction challenging. Data security and privacy will continue to take center stage: How personal data is used. The ramifications of data breaches. And the importance of data to companies. Other trends we are likely to see include:

AI and IoT Converge
IoT will become part of the fabric of an organization in 2018. The challenge for CIOs and our teams will be how to integrate device management into overall IT infrastructure in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the organization.

Applications Managed in Real Time
Companies are beginning to explore what they can really do with the security, agility and flexibility of virtualized network services.

Cybersecurity, Fully Embedded
Threat detection capabilities embedded into platforms. End-to-end managed security infrastructure for the network, the developer, and applications. Proactive, predictive and cognit…