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“ one can hack my mind”: Comparing Expert and Non-Expert Security Practices”

Originally published two years ago by a team of three researchers from Google, I encountered this paper again at a conference I recently attended about how to deal with ransomware threats. Their findings provide excellent advice for everyone and I thought it would be good to share it again. The paper discusses the results of two surveys: One involving 231 security experts, and another with 294 web-users who are not security experts. Both groups were surveyed about what they do to stay safe online. The intent was to compare responses from the two groups in order to better understand any differences in professional’s and casual user’s approaches to security. Here are the top 5 practices by group: Security Experts Non-Experts 1. Install Software Updates 1. Use Antivirus Software 2. Use Unique Passwords 2. Use Strong Passwords 3. Use Two-Factor Authentication 3. Change Passwords Frequently 4. Use Strong Passwords