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Hyperconnectivity: Everyone has access to everything

According to “Digital Disruption: How digital technology is transforming our world” (SAP, 2016). Hyperconnectivity describes the rapid growth of interconnectedness between people, objects, and technology. People have access to more data and information than ever before, and they have the ability to develop and maintain more social and business connections across the globe than at any other time in history. Hyperconnectivity has come about thanks to three phases of technological advancement: 1. The Internet enables all computers to connect on a single platform. Without the Internet, we wouldn’t be digitally connected. 2. Mobile Technology continues to grow exponentially, which accelerates hyperconnectivity worldwide. 3. The Internet of Things is the next wave of advancement, and will take interconnectedness to an unprecedented level. Within the next three years, the data created by IoT devices will reach 403 trillion gigabytes annually. With mobile technology at an all-