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2013 Billionaire's Challenge

Once again in my BUS 350 Operations Management class, we held the "Billionaire's Challenge." The exercise involved analyzing a production case-study problem using Microsoft Excel's Solver "add in." Students had to first set-up and solve the problem then change key variables using Excel to earn at least one-million dollars profit.

After achieving that goal students may compete to make at least $1,000,000,000.  This year saw all previous records in the simulation fall. Congratulations!

Our newest Billionaires are:

Michael Cummings - $292 Billion
Cory Slade - $1.5 Billion
AJ Christian - $5 Billion

And two "Billion, Billion, Billionaires":

Adrianne Johnson - $10 Octillion
Morgan Crutcher - $4.9 Decillion