Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

Marian College is only a few blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is located on the grounds of James Allison's estate. Allison founded the engine and transmission company that still bears his name and along with two of his friends, founded the Motor Speedway. Originally, the Sisters of St. Francis bought his estate in the 1930's and held classes in the Allison Mansion. Now we use it for meetings, parties, weddings, and other special events. As much into racing as I am, it is great to be able to work at a place that is connected to so much motor sports history. Right now, you can hear the cars practicing. My greatest thrill was a few years ago when I got to drive my Vette around the track as part of a "community day". Anyway, here is a video about this year's pace car. See you at the track!

Visit the Official Web Site of the Indianapolis 500


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