Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Windows Vista SP1 includes improvements that address many of the most common reasons for which Windows stops responding. Many of the reliability improvements in SP1 are in response to issues that customers reported by using the Windows Error Reporting tool.

Other reliability improvements in Windows Vista SP1 include improvements in wireless computer-to-computer (ad hoc) connections, better peer-to-peer connections, such as using Windows Meeting Space, and many more.

Windows Vista SP1 includes many changes that can improve your computer's speed and performance. Here are some of the areas that are improved:

Faster copying or extracting files from a compressed mode.

Better use of network bandwidth when browsing file shares over a network.

Improved performance from Windows ReadyBoost in reducing the time it takes for Windows to wake up from Hibernate and Standby power modes.

Better power consumption when your computer screen is idle for a long time.

Improved logon experience when using a corporate computer, such as a laptop, outside of the corporate network.

Faster opening of large image files.

Download it here.


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